Agnifera 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update
Shristi and Ragini talk about what they will blessing their valentines. Revathi with Dulari quietly hears their discussion remaining close entryway. Shristi tells what she has gotten ready for Vishu and gets some information about her blessing. Ragini says it is a mystery. Shristi says she won’t tell Anurarg. Ragini says it is a shock. Shristi goes to kitchen to get ready sustenance. Ragini says she will give her life’s first kiss to Anurag. Revathi vapor hearing that and says she will never give Ragini a chance.

Anurag considers giving some unqiue blessing to Ragini. He asks scissors to Revathi. Revathi requests what. He says to cut his ribbon. She sees him wearing laceless shoes. He says for various shoes. She inquires as to whether he is going some place. He says no. She has she is offering their family arrive and since Vidhvan

what’s more, Brij have gone out, would he be able to go and finish bargain. He tragically concurs. Revathi smiles timidly. Anurag illuminates Ragini that he is going to Lal Ganj. She says it needs 7-8 voyaging per side, he may not return by night, and inquires as to whether it is essential to go. He says it is mother’s request. Rohini hears that and understands Revathi’s arrangement to ruin Anurag and Ragini’s valentine’s day and chooses to ruin Revathi’s arrangement. Dulari peruses Ramayan part uproariously where lord Dushyanth leaves his woman adore. Ragini gets miserable hearing that and supposes she is missing misterji now itself. Rohini says Dushyanth returns after he understands his oversight. Dulari exhaust, seeing her arrangement of seeing Ragini dismal falling flat.

Ragini gets Anurag’s message to send her selfie. Shristi demonstrates aroma to Ragini and asks how is it. Ragini says it is exceptionally charming smell and inquires as to whether she will shower it to meet Vishu. Shristi says even she will utilize it to meet Anurag and requests that her prepare and send her selfie to Anurag. Shristi prepares and strolls to Ragini’s room and sees her prepared. She clicks Ragini’s pic and sends it to Anurag and requests that her go to patio. Raginigoes up and sees patio all around enhanced.

Dulari acclaims Revathi that she is too great. Revathi says she is feeling so upbeat after quite a while, let us go to porch and appreciate cool wind. Dulari sees Anurag’s affection note on divider and shows it to Revathi. Revathi exhaust figuring by what means can Anurag come so soon. Rohini strolls in and says she educated Brij to deal with property arrangement and Anurag returns mid way. Revathi exhaust in envy more. Rohini supposes she won’t let Revathi ruin love flying creature’s sentiment.

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