Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update
Pandit ji requests that Devi and Adhi stand up and make each other war laurel. They do it. They begin taking rounds around the fire. Adhi takes every one of the guarantees. He says I will ensure her everything my life. Adhi reviews his marriage with Devi. Adhi reviews his minutes with Devi as he accomplishes more pheray. Pandit ji requests that devi take her ghunghat off with the goal that Adhi can fill her hairline.

Kesar awakens. she says where am I? This doesn’t look like haveli. Where am I? She reviews Urmi took her from that point. SHe tries to call home yet nobody picks.

Urmi and Bansuri wake up also. Bansuri says you ought to have been first floor. In the event that you are here then who is there?

Adhi fills the lady of the hour’s hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Urmi and Bansuri are entranced. They check in the store. Kesar isn’t there. Urmi says somebody helped her and took her frame there. Bansuri says it must be Heera.

Heera welcome the lady of the hour in her home. She does her arti. Heera says enter. Virat comes as baba ji. He says you can’t take her ghughat off. On the off chance that you do that you will lose your third child too. Devi comprehends that its Virat. Masa takes Devi to her room.

Masa requests that hirelings convey desserts in destitute individuals. Urmi and Bansuri come to Masa and say that please excuse us. Try not to show us out of this house. Masa says what are you saying? You both didn’t do any work today. You both will clean the house. Bansuri says she doesn’t know anything. Urmi says that implies another person helped Kesar and took her there.

Adhi goes to his room and beverages. Devi is on the bed with concealed face. She removes her ghughat. Adhi is stupified. Devi says I didn’t have another choice. I sat in Kesar’s place. You put wrong affirmations on me. Also, you were to wed Kesar. He says you tricked me once more? You played with my emotions. You couldn’t care less about me. You just consider yourself. Devi says what are you saying. Adhi says yet today I will rebuff you. You can’t trick me any longer. I wont move as a manikin. Adhi shoots himself.

Precap-Virat says to Kesar you did as such amiss with Devi yet despite everything she solicited me to take mind from you. She says I did that for my youngster.

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