Porus 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Porus 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update
Puru strolls into Maha Shivrati festivity setting and asserts that Bamni is a beast lord who slaughtered his significant other Anusuya. Officers hurry to assault Puru, however Bamni stops them. Anusuya shakes entryway and yells to open entryway. She sees Puru and thinks what is he doing here. Bamni cautions Puru that he set out to charge and affront Pourav rastra lord and his discipline is demise. Puru says what else he can give. Shivdutt talks. Puru cautions him to back off. Bamni strolls down and inquires as to whether a Dasyu came to murder Pourav ruler, what he thinks about is past. Puru says he doesn’t know much, yet whatever he knows it is sufficient to execute him for slaughtering ruler Anusuya savagely. Puru incites Bamni for a war like a warrior or he can murder him improperly without a battle. Darius and Barsin watch smiling. Bamni takes Jhelum’s

vow about his unadulterated heart and acknowledges Puru’s test. Individuals serenade his name.

Anusuya tries to open entryway and yells to open it. She supposes she needs to stop this, however needs to get out first. She peeps from window and discloses to Jhelum waterway that at whatever point she was stuck in an unfortunate situation, Jhelum demonstrated her a way, even now she should. She sees fire burn, picks it and consumes grass on floor.

Bamni orders it is a battle amongst him and Dasyu Puru and no one will meddle whatever happens. He cautions Puru that this battle won’t stop until the point that any of them passes on. Puru says if god’s favoring is with him, Bamni will tumble from his native’s eyes and from his life.

Puru and Bamni’s battle begins. They both wrestle. Bamni grasps Puru, however Puru liberates himself and holds Bamni. Ripudaman with Lachi comes to there and supposes he needs to stop this calamity. Bamni overwhelms Puru and tosses him on ground. Subjects serenade Bamni’s name. Puru gets up. Ripudaman supposes he needs to go from other way and asks Lachi where is Anusuya’s dead body. Lachi says troopers took her dead body towards jail. Ripudaman sees Darius and acknowledges entire circumstance.

Anusuya consumes grass. Troopers see smoking leaving jail cell, opens entryway and inquiry Anusuya. Anusuya remains behind them. Bamni tosses Puru on ground and inquires as to whether he saw what he does who assaults his and his family’s poise. Puru says he saw it and now he will demonstrate what he does to whoever affronts lady’s nobility. He holds Bamni. Shivdutt requests that Kanishk execute Puru on the off chance that he overwhelms Bamni, he will deal with the circumstance by one means or another. Anusuya holds sword and supposes she held sword after quite a while. Puru discards Bamni far. Bamni pulls his sword and requests that Puru pick his sword as Bamni does not execute weaponless. Puru says he can’t trust somebody who slaughtered his better half savagely is talking this. Bamni yells not to affirm unjustifiably and assaults Puru, cutting is stomach. Blood smears sword. Bamni feels torment and thinks what is transpiring.

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