Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update
Bulbul tries hard to look for family’s pardoning. She serves sustenance. Gayatri comes and sits of Bublul’s seat. Resham acclaims Agastya that he will be a decent legislator, inquires as to whether he will. Sadhna vapor and clears out. Bulbul serves sustenance to everybody, except they all disregard her. Gayatri hollers she is getting thinner and leaves with Resham shouting Vijay may have pardoned Bulbul, however they all won’t. Bulbul takes nourishment to Angad’s room and demands to have it. Angad says she isn’t that imperative to disregard nourishment, he is furious on something different and requests that her get out. Bulbul leaves tragically. She at that point goes to her room. Vijay tries to leave with bedsheet and pad. She says she will go out. Vijay says no one ought to need to and mulls over couch. Bulbul says she merits

thinking about couch and not on bed.

Mandira sees Ananth working and noiselessly drops Vijay’s letter on floor. Ananth picks it back, however Mandira grabs it back. Ananth says it resembled somebody’s letter. Mandira says it isn’t and goes about as resting. Anandita awakens and picks letter and understands it. He is stunned to see an affection letter for Mandira with late date, thinks whom Mandira has not overlooked yet. Mandira smiles supposing she changed date on Vijay’s letter, now he himself will rejoin her with Vijay. Next morning, Ananth runs on treadmill recalling what is composed on letter and expands speed past 20 kmph. He tumbles down and harms his hand. Tejaswini races to him and inquires as to whether he is harmed, she will call specialist. Ananth says Mandira hurt his emotions and tells about affection letter. She says they have to discover his identity. Ananth says he knows this penmanship, however can’t recall. She requests that him not stress, she will keep an eye on Mandira and will discover whom she meets. Mandira drives auto and notification Tejaswini following her, thinks her arrangement is functioning admirably. Tejaswini supposes she will discover whom Mandira will meet.

Next morning, Bulbul goes to kitchen to get ready nourishment. Sadhna comes and begins getting ready nourishment independently. Bulbul tries to talk. Sadhna says when she is in kitchen, Bulbul ought not come, in any case this house is big to the point that they can’t strike frequently. Bulbul thinks back advising same to Sadhna. Vijay thinks Bulbul needs to battle her own fight. He goes to family room and asks Angad for what reason did not he meet him since 2 days, there is a great deal of work pending. Angad says he wouldn’t like to work with him any longer. Vijay inquires as to whether he felt terrible with respect to something. Angad says who is he to feel terrible. Vijay asks what happened…

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