Tu Aashiqui 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update
The Episode begins with Ahaan and Pankti deluding Sinha by a dark feline. Sinha and his men leave from that point. Richa says Ahaan fails to find a sense of contentment notwithstanding when Pankti is back. Vikram requests that her stop it. She says whole family is strained. They contend. She says at any rate Ahaan and Pankti look after each other, they are better. Pankti holds Ahaan’s hand. Ahaan requests that the phantoms not startle them now. Pankti serenades Hanuman chalisa lines and says why would that be no chalisa to shoo off JD. Ahaan sees a grave and demonstrates the graves of sweethearts. They have a charming contention. He holds her. Tu aashiqui… .plays… She grins. He draws near. She jokes on his stomach making sounds. She gives her bread rolls. She requests that he take it in the event that he can. He pursues her. They chuckle. He requests that her have sustenance in the first place, he can’t have it previously

bolstering her. She gets frightened. He giggles and demonstrates the feline.

They discuss themselves while discussing the sweethearts Patrick and Rose. She embraces him. He inquires as to whether she needs to kiss, he will continue attempting. She grins. Aparna says keep my youngsters from issues, ensure Ahaan and Pankti. She supplicates. JD comes first floor and sees her. He gets some information about Ahaan. Sheetal comes and insults JD. Its morning, Pankti awakens and sees Ahaan gone. She searches for him worriedly. Ahaan accompanies tea and asks what happened, did you get frightened once more. He gives her tea. He gets a call. Uday says you addressed rapidly, did you wake up soon. Ahaan says I dozed in burial ground, I needed to wake up right on time. Uday approaches him to come to studio for recording. Ahaan says I can’t allow Pankti to sit unbothered. Pankti discloses to Uday that Ahaan will come. Ahaan asks by what means will I go there, my garments aren’t fine. She gives him cash to purchase garments. They go for shopping.

Ahaan and Pankti pour water on each other. He changes in the auto. He releases her. Pankti changes in the auto. She descends the auto. They sign each other. They seek the account. Ahaan sees a similar music chief. The man asks did you return, on the off chance that you got well known, it doesn’t mean you learnt singing. Ahaan gets furious. Pankti stops him. The man says I need to influence you to sing on customer’s maxim. Pankti requests that he begin recording. The man says I won’t let recording end effortlessly. Ahaan sings Rootha mujhse khuda… . Pankti hears him. The man yells cut, what’s this tone, begin once more. He inconveniences Ahaan. Pankti grins and signs Ahaan. Ahaan sings once more. The man says go and do demonstrating, why are you singing, you don’t sing great. Pankti says you are requesting that he sing in sharp tone, he isn’t singing any rap. The man asks will you show me singing, you know it well, fine sing something and show. Pankti sings… . Ahaan gets amazed and reviews her tune heard on radio. He grins. The man says enough. She asks what happened. The man says I completed a slip-up, I requesting that you sing. He affronts her. Ahaan gets irate. Pankti says no, this can’t occur, I have learnt music from pandit Shiv, I can’t sing terrible. The man asks am I wrong at that point. Ahaan evacuates the earphones and looks on

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