Zee TV Piya Albela most recent news Upcoming Story

Zee TV Piya Albela most recent news, Piyaa Albela up and coming story

This is what is in store for the watchers of Piya Albela later on scenes of the show.

Pooja (Sheen Dass) misleads the family that Chandrika is her mom. She includes Satish in the arrangement. She influences him to mislead Harish and Supriya. She doesn’t need Naren’s (Akshay Mhatre) heart to break. Everybody gets irate on Satish for stowing away such a major thing.

Zee TV Piya Albela most recent news Upcoming Story

Supriya requests that Pooja go out. Harish reveals to them that his home has no place for an artist’s little girl. He chooses to toss out Pooja from the house. Satish implores him not. Naren stands firm for Pooja. He reveals to Harish that he won’t leave Pooja, they can’t affront Pooja like this, he won’t remain with them in such a house where his better half isn’t regarded. He chooses to leave his family.

Naren and Pooja go out. Pooja feels frustrated about Naren. She doesn’t need him to make tracks in an opposite direction from his folks. Pooja will adhere to the lie. She considers if her in-laws have conflicted with her knowing this lie, even Naren could have confronted their rage if reality broke out.

Pooja is upbeat that Naren did not discover his introduction to the world mystery. Naren reveals to them that Chandrika’s calling doesn’t make a difference to him, he puts stock in mankind over everything.

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Serial: Piya Albela
Channel : ZEE TV Network

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